Friday, August 20, 2010


Digital Meter Yamaha LC135 (02-MOISP) 

For the Y-135 cc motor there is the Koso GP Multifunction automatic digital speedometer. This very sporty meter includes a clock, odometer, rpm gauge, water temp gauge, cylinder head temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge and oxygen sensor.
This meter has a built in RPM indicator that will tell you the most optimum time to shift from one gear to the next, this covers all of your gears from 1st to 4th or more if your bike has more gears.
The meter can be set for eight different lamp colors: Light blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green blue, White blue, Purple and White. 
The meter is an analog and a large digital display combination.
Installation may best be done by a motor shop mechanic and may only take one half hour for installation, settings and test.

HARGA - RM350.00

Chain Tensioner 50mm Gold (01-ACT01-GL)

The above 50 mm auto chain Tensioner is for your motorbike if you have an 80 cc to 135 cc motorbike. 
INSTALLATION:To install this Auto Chain Tensioner onto your motorbike you will need an Allen or hex wrench.There are four (4) main bolts involved that you must loosen to remove the back gripper plate from the Auto Chain Tensioner.With the gripper plate removed you will have four 5 cm long bolts extending from the front of the Auto Chain Tensioner. Those four bolts will be positioned at 2 cm for the closest points and 5cm at the farthest points. The farther apart bolts will span the width of your bikes swing arm near the rear sprocket so that the roller part of the Auto Chain Tensioner will fit under the chain. Now replace the back gripper plate of the Auto Chain Tensioner onto the four bolts and tighten the four (4) bolts until all the bolts are torqued tight.


260mm Front Disc Black (01-DS4293F-BK)  


HARGA - RM68.00

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